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In addition to maintaining our contingency plan that we have had since March, we have implemented the following procedures in accordance with the most recent guidelines from DGS and AHRESP.

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For the safety of our customers and employees, we inform the measures implemented at Gaspacho e Migas for this 2nd phase of deflation, according to the recommendations of DGS and AHRESP.

Restaurant - Lounge and Terrace

  • Please wait for your table to be indicated by one of our employees.

  • We have available in both spaces, interior and terrace alcohol gel for hand disinfection.

  • Please read the indications for respiratory etiquette, hand washing and hand cleaning with alcohol gel solution, present in our space.

  • It is advisable to use a mask when going to and from the WC and for take-away customers when they are inside the restaurant.

Additional information on health and safety

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • The layout of our tables inside and on the terrace respects the indications in terms of distance.

  • According to the recommendation of the DGS, due to the fact that the use of gloves can constantly lead to a false sense of security inhibiting the employee from washing hands, its use is advisable only in cleaning and disinfection operations.

  • Our Air Conditioner is operating only in air extraction mode and has anti-particulate filters.

  • Sanitary facilities, door handles, washbasin taps, flushing handles and handrails are cleaned and disinfected every hour.

  • The individual, cutlery, menus and automatic payment terminals are disinfected before each use.

  • Tables and chairs are cleaned after each use.

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